Volatile Stock Market Conditions As Of Late..

Bull vs. Bear Market Who Will Win?
Volatile Stock Markets Conditions Are All The Rage Volatile stock market conditions make investors nervous, and rightfully so. A lot of hard earned money is on the line. With anxiety ridden short-term decisions being made, this can have a tremendous impact on long term gains that may be missed. Panic and an exuberance of negative views,  leads to panic selling driving down share prices. A volatile stock market brings just that,, PANIC!        There is no lo...

(ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning System – Everybody Has One Right?

What is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), and do you really need one? Are you looking to grow as a company and gain a large market share in the process? When running a business, there are so many items on your daily itinerary to look after last thing that is on your mind is a ERP system. It can be overwhelming, keeping in consideration staffing levels, product quality, fulfilling sales orders, keep your supply chain flowing as well as your company's cash flow. The office flow of info...

Capital Budgeting Role In Business

The capital budgeting process is defined as an estimation and risk assessment of cash flows, to arrive at a net present value of retained cash flows and .calculate your return on investment (ROI). What does this mean to you? Well when running a business it is important to understand the process of evaluating future projects / contracts that your company wishes to take on and assess if they might be profitable or not. Are they worth your time, money and attention?               Annual Capital ...

Home appraisal tips. Do’s and Don’ts

Thinking Of Having Your Home Appraised? These home appraisal tips might help if you are looking to sell your home. With the Real Estate market being in full swing here in Alberta, its that time of year again - spring/summer time  - where a lot of people are looking to sell their home and plant their roots elsewhere. “Realtors and brokers are reporting that they haven’t seen buyers this confident in the Canadian real estate market and the Canadian economy in years.” - ReMax Projections. ...